Operating Session #139   August 1996

These photo's were taken by Tommy Holt during a two day  operating session at my home layout.  Guest arrived from  Milwaukee, Kansas, Kentucky, Tennessee and Texas on Friday afternoon.  Layout orientation was held on Friday night.  Sessions began on Saturday morning at 9:00 am and went until 12 midnight. We stopped only to eat lunch and dinner, which my wife Vicky prepared.

sperand.JPG (61987 bytes) Andy Sperandeo, Dispatching the Henderson Subdivision.

barrows.jpg (37211 bytes) David Barrows, Running a north bound freight through Courtland TN.

gordy.jpg (59620 bytes) Gordy, In charge of South Howell Yard.

mrfun.jpg (66473 bytes) Andy and Gordy, See,  Model Railroading is fun.

jordan.jpg (68040 bytes) Keith Jordan & Dave Acheson, North Howell.

john.jpg (59931 bytes) John Breau, Looking over his paper work at south Howell.

charlie.jpg (38570 bytes) Charlie Stapleton, Switching at Hopkinsville Ky. (un-sceniced section)

nhowell.jpg (54358 bytes) Rick Rideout (That's me, They never let me run a train.)

bar.jpg (64693 bytes) Upstairs is were the food is. bar2.jpg (61841 bytes)

chuck.jpg (57502 bytes) Keith Jordan, David Barrows, Chuck Hitchcock and Andy Sperandeo.

V&R.jpg (95022 bytes) Vicky and I serving dessert to our guests.


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